Monday, October 31, 2016

Welcome to our first blog of the year! We will be updating this site monthly to share some activities from our English Language classroom.  Also, feel free to comment here,  or email us with any questions or ideas throughout the year. 
Here are some highlights from the fall. 
4th graders learning about the holiday Divali. Special thanks to the Mohanty family for sending in photos of their celebration in India. Happy Divali to all who celebrate! 

Mrs. G. and Mrs. Moussa (back from maternity!)
All students began the year reading the Pout Pout Fish Goes to School and coloring in fish to join our "school"
K students following directions and working together
to have fun and build a tower. 
More K students demonstrating school "action" words like building. 

4th grader getting to work on his friendly letter to a pen pal in California

2nd grader responding to a weekend writing prompt. 
2nd graders demonstrating classroom expectations. 
2nd graders showing how to be "responsible" at Memorial 
1st grader working with a classmate to find things in common. 
K students practicing the days of the week. 

4th graders reading Same, Same But Different and practicing compare and contrast language.