Monday, April 3, 2017

March Happenings

Check out the photos below to see what students have been learning! Best wishes to our 3rd through 5th grade students who will be taking the state test, MCAS, this week on April 4, 5, & 6th. 

Thank you to Talles' parents, Cesar & Ruylene Barros,  for their wonderful presentation about Brazil. 2nd grade students loved seeing the beautiful pictures and learning about the country's rich history, vibrant culture and unique geography.  
We are planning to study each 2nd grade student's family's country of origin,  so let us know if you would be interested in visiting or sending in items/information. 
Obrigada to the parents of Julia for sending in a beautiful hand-woven basket from Brazil
Students learning to Samba! 
Check out our moves :) 
Students in first through fifth grade continue to
correspond with their pen pals in California.

Ready to write! 
Locating San Diego on the map! 

K students descriptive writing about farm animals. 

Friday, March 10, 2017

Welcoming New Students & Families

Image result for welcome in many languages

Hello! Since our last blog post, we've had 2 new students join our Memorial community.  All of the students in the ESL program have been excited to welcome their new schoolmates. They've also reflected on what it was like when they were new and learning a second language.
 In addition, Kindergarten students from Mrs. Felton's class, collected over 100 welcome notes for refugee families in the United States.  Many students, used their free time on snow days to make adorable cards with sweet messages of kindness. We are so proud of all of our students and look forward to their continued success ! Check out the photos below to see what your students have been doing :) As always, feel free to leave a comment or email us with any questions.
Welcome/Bem Vindo
to Talles
from Brazil
Memorial students and families made over 100 cards to
 welcome new Americans. 

Welcome 歡迎
to Jerry
from China
First graders with their cards for new families 

4th graders making cards to welcome new Americans

2nd graders listening to I'm New Here 

1st graders making their cards :) 
3rd grader making a "sound sandwich" to study pitch
Thanks to all the families who shared the beliefs about luck from their different cultures and religions. We are learning so much from one another! 
Yali matching Valentine's idioms 

Friday, January 13, 2017

Students Doing Their Best on the Test!

We hope 2017 is off to a great start for you and your families! Students continue to impress us with their hard work. Kindergartners are busy learning about sea creatures and their traits in preparation for their field trip to the aquarium. Meanwhile students in the upper grades have been studying various holidays around the world.
Throughout January,  all students will be taking the ACCESS test which measures their English proficiency in speaking, listening, reading and writing. We have been so proud of students who have already completed the assessment and look forward to having more students "show what they know" later this month.
Here are some pictures of students' recent activities.
4th grader, Yali,  presenting to his class about Hanukkah. 
3rd grader, Aron, building a circuit and explaining the steps

2nd graders, Ani and Hayato,  learning about Kwanzaa from Mrs. Moussa
2nd grader, Julia, demonstrating how to edit sentences 
2nd graders writing facts about the holidays

K students' wonderful writing on display

Monday, October 31, 2016

Welcome to our first blog of the year! We will be updating this site monthly to share some activities from our English Language classroom.  Also, feel free to comment here,  or email us with any questions or ideas throughout the year. 
Here are some highlights from the fall. 
4th graders learning about the holiday Divali. Special thanks to the Mohanty family for sending in photos of their celebration in India. Happy Divali to all who celebrate! 

Mrs. G. and Mrs. Moussa (back from maternity!)
All students began the year reading the Pout Pout Fish Goes to School and coloring in fish to join our "school"
K students following directions and working together
to have fun and build a tower. 
More K students demonstrating school "action" words like building. 

4th grader getting to work on his friendly letter to a pen pal in California

2nd grader responding to a weekend writing prompt. 
2nd graders demonstrating classroom expectations. 
2nd graders showing how to be "responsible" at Memorial 
1st grader working with a classmate to find things in common. 
K students practicing the days of the week. 

4th graders reading Same, Same But Different and practicing compare and contrast language.


Friday, June 17, 2016

Celebrating the End of the Year

There has been a lot to celebrate as we end this school year! 

Students have impressed us with their talents both
in the ESL classroom & throughout the building. 

Check out the photos below of our scholars who are also superstar performers, authors and athletes! 

Fabulous 2nd grade Memorial Day Show
thanks to
Ms. Rzasa & Mrs. Niu
3rd graders "wowed" us
with their violin skills

A year-end concert to showcase what students
learned in music. 

2nd graders celebrate Memorial Day by
reading ways to create a world of peace. 
Finishing our holiday unit with Ramadan 

Students in a 3rd grade class categorizing
3 aspects of Ramadan-
discipline, charity and celebration.
Making "fanoose" or lanterns
 for Ramadan. 
Ramadan Mubarak to all who celebrate! 

5th grader Omar receives a letter back
 from a candidate for State Senate.

Lots of wonderful writing in 2nd grade
So much improvement on display during 1st grade Author Share 

K Superhero moving up to 1st grade

You can also see our Memorial pride 
for Field Day & School Spirit Days this past week :) 

Field Day excitement on the water slide! 
Racing around  and having fun

Thanks Coach Peterson and Coach Bannon for all the great games!

Strong efforts on the field and in the classroom leading to success

Wacky Tacky Tuesday
Crazy Hat Wednesday

3rd grader trying to dunk a teacher
as part of the PBIS whole school reward
students earned for being  
kind, safe, responsible and  respectful.

Reminder that Monday is the last day of school and dismissal will begin @ 11:10. 

The first day of school next year will be Tuesday, September 6th. 

Be sure to visit the Burlington Public Library 
for fun, free events over the summer to keep students engaged in reading.  We recommend that all students read for at least 20 minutes a day 
so they continue making progress over the summer. 

Burlignton Recreation Department also offers lots of activities for students. 

Finally, welcome the newest member of our Memorial ESL community
Noor-al-Imaan Omar Moussa
(Mrs. Moussa's daughter, who was born Wednesday night.)

We wish her family, and all of you,  a wonderful & fun-filled summer. 
We look forward to working with your students next year!