Monday, October 31, 2016

Welcome to our first blog of the year! We will be updating this site monthly to share some activities from our English Language classroom.  Also, feel free to comment here,  or email us with any questions or ideas throughout the year. 
Here are some highlights from the fall. 
4th graders learning about the holiday Divali. Special thanks to the Mohanty family for sending in photos of their celebration in India. Happy Divali to all who celebrate! 

Mrs. G. and Mrs. Moussa (back from maternity!)
All students began the year reading the Pout Pout Fish Goes to School and coloring in fish to join our "school"
K students following directions and working together
to have fun and build a tower. 
More K students demonstrating school "action" words like building. 

4th grader getting to work on his friendly letter to a pen pal in California

2nd grader responding to a weekend writing prompt. 
2nd graders demonstrating classroom expectations. 
2nd graders showing how to be "responsible" at Memorial 
1st grader working with a classmate to find things in common. 
K students practicing the days of the week. 

4th graders reading Same, Same But Different and practicing compare and contrast language.


Friday, June 17, 2016

Celebrating the End of the Year

There has been a lot to celebrate as we end this school year! 

Students have impressed us with their talents both
in the ESL classroom & throughout the building. 

Check out the photos below of our scholars who are also superstar performers, authors and athletes! 

Fabulous 2nd grade Memorial Day Show
thanks to
Ms. Rzasa & Mrs. Niu
3rd graders "wowed" us
with their violin skills

A year-end concert to showcase what students
learned in music. 

2nd graders celebrate Memorial Day by
reading ways to create a world of peace. 
Finishing our holiday unit with Ramadan 

Students in a 3rd grade class categorizing
3 aspects of Ramadan-
discipline, charity and celebration.
Making "fanoose" or lanterns
 for Ramadan. 
Ramadan Mubarak to all who celebrate! 

5th grader Omar receives a letter back
 from a candidate for State Senate.

Lots of wonderful writing in 2nd grade
So much improvement on display during 1st grade Author Share 

K Superhero moving up to 1st grade

You can also see our Memorial pride 
for Field Day & School Spirit Days this past week :) 

Field Day excitement on the water slide! 
Racing around  and having fun

Thanks Coach Peterson and Coach Bannon for all the great games!

Strong efforts on the field and in the classroom leading to success

Wacky Tacky Tuesday
Crazy Hat Wednesday

3rd grader trying to dunk a teacher
as part of the PBIS whole school reward
students earned for being  
kind, safe, responsible and  respectful.

Reminder that Monday is the last day of school and dismissal will begin @ 11:10. 

The first day of school next year will be Tuesday, September 6th. 

Be sure to visit the Burlington Public Library 
for fun, free events over the summer to keep students engaged in reading.  We recommend that all students read for at least 20 minutes a day 
so they continue making progress over the summer. 

Burlignton Recreation Department also offers lots of activities for students. 

Finally, welcome the newest member of our Memorial ESL community
Noor-al-Imaan Omar Moussa
(Mrs. Moussa's daughter, who was born Wednesday night.)

We wish her family, and all of you,  a wonderful & fun-filled summer. 
We look forward to working with your students next year!

Friday, May 13, 2016

"Earth Day Every Day" and other important lessons!

As the expression goes "Time flies when you're having fun!" and we've been having fun and learning each day! We look forward to a busy end of the year with various class field trips and school activities.  Here are some highlights of the great work your students are doing. Please email us or comment below to let us know you've viewed our blog. Also feel free to send along any questions or suggestions!

Congrats to 3rd ,4th and 5th graders who showed great effort during the PARCC in April testing! 

Students earned certificates for their work learning about how to protect the environment and practice the 3 Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)
Students' work on display. 

Students read Through Jane's Eyes 
about Dr. Jane Goodall's conservation work.

5th grader Omar putting his persuasive writing skills to use for the environment by composing a letter to encourage staff and students to reduce their paper use. 
3rd grader,  Yali,  responding to the Dr. Seuss book The Lorax 
and reading what he would do with the last truffala seed. 
4th grader reading The Lorax

2nd graders, Tanmayee and Tarandip, shaping
symbols of the environment.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Spring Updates

Works in progress from the ELL classroom:
4th graders matching government terms
 and definitions. 
5th grader writing a letter to a candidate for State Representative
3rd graders learning about "Growth Mindsets"

1st graders planting a seed 

2nd graders learning how to take care of the Earth for Earth Day, April 22nd. 

1st graders reading The Earth Book
1st graders playing a baseball game for Red Sox Opening Day! 

K students practicing their "Turn and Talk" skills 

Here are some local events for the vacation week ahead:

Free and fun activities for kids at the Burlington Library

Events this weekend through Tuesday in neighboring Lexington to commemorate Patriot's Day and the start of the American Revolution, (*3rd and 5th grade Social Studies Connection :)

The Boston Marathon will on Monday, April 18th. See runners from around the world compete in this historic 26.2 mile race. The marathon can be viewed in many Boston suburbs, as well as at the finish line in downtown Boston. Check the website below for details and course map.

**Special note to parents of 3-5th grade students: PARCC  English Language Arts testing will begin Tuesday, April 26th through April 28th (PARCC Math testing May2-5th). Remember:
The keys to success on the test,  
Are a good night's rest
And a healthy breakfast! 
                                                                         ~ From the poets Mrs. Moussa and Mrs. G :)