Friday, February 12, 2016

Winter Update

3rd graders Yali and Harkiran

Happy Valentine's Day! 

Here are some updates from the ELL classroom this winter. 
  • Students finished ACCESS testing at the beginning of February. We were very impressed and proud of their efforts! Scores will be released in June but feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 
We celebrated Chinese New Year by discussing the holiday's symbolism and painting the Chinese characters for "Good Luck" and "Good Fortune" to decorate our door. We also read books to learn about Chinese history and culture. Finally, we played Zodiac Bingo and did a "Chopstick Challenge!"
1st graders, Piyush and Hayato, painting Chinese characters
Tanmayee, 2nd grade, trying out chopsticks
1st graders, Ani, Piyush and Hayato taking the "Chopstick Challenge" 
4th graders, Harbir and Asya, writing Valentine poems
      In honor of Valentine's Day, students read some Valentine's Day poems and created their own notes to share with special people in their lives. We also created a poster featuring love in different languages and the various ways to show love. 
2nd grader, Tanmayee, with her Valentine messages for her family 
5th grader, Omar, adding the phrase "I love you"
in Somali

In addition to testing and celebrating holidays,students have continued following their grade level curricula to build their English proficiency. 

  Be sure to ask your children about all the fun lessons they have been doing in the ELL classroom! 

Also check out the many free and fun activities at the Burlington Public library over the vacation week:

K students Neeraj and Ryota sculpting after a read aloud about creativity
Students as teachers- A 1st grade student brought in an Arabic workbook to share with her classmates.